Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PREGNANT BITCH - Get an Ultrasound, it may save your dog's life

So, our female Lab had been with the stud for a week straight in the week following her heat, which is supposedly her ovulating period and we were excitedly expecting puppies mid May.

Everything seemed fine. Schoko got fatter and seemed a bit lazy and mopy, just like any pregnant lady.

For no apparent reason, I felt the need to bring her to the Vet to have an ultrasound taken.

Roberto was not so crazy about spending that money (which BTW we don't have)  but I  insisted, saying that Schoko was already over 6 years old and I wanted to be sure everything was okay.

Also, our vet mentioned it was not that expensive;  a pregnancy ultrasound runs about $150 - $200 in the LA area. Still pricey, but I wanted to know that Schoko and the pups were alright.

When we were there, the vet ultrasounded my BFF and I could read in his face that something was not right. He said he wanted to do X-rays. This is when I asked him, what was going on and he said, he wasn't quite sure but he thought that there were probably no puppies.


After the x-rays, he said, "She is not pregnant. Sorry. Schoko requires emergency surgery. Come back tomorrow morning. This is very serious. There is some strange mass in her abdomen and we need to take it out."

The vet expressed his regrets in particular because he said he would definetely have wanted one of Schoko's babies. Yes, she is an exceptional dog.

In tears, I brought my BFF home. I guess, I was hugging her all night and when I brought her to the vet, I didn't want to leave her. It was hard to be confronted with the idea of loosing my BFF for almost seven years. I prayed.

In the afternoon, the vet called me to let me know that they had taken a soccerball size tumor out of my dog's stomach and that she was doing well. AH, THANK YOU GOD!!

When I picked up Schoko in the evening, she was soo happy. Because of her whining, a tech had to be sitting with her after the surgery until we came to pick her up. Yes, sounds like my dog. 

Had I not brought Schoko in for her ultrasound, she would have been dead now. Sometimes my intuition works beautifully.
After wearing a funny looking bandage for a few days, she now seems back to almost normal.

We were happy to have our girlie back and healing until I received this phone call today from our vet. The tumor was not benign; it was malignant and Schoko now has to go for regular check ups.

So, I am back to praying for my big girl. Please also send some love to my girlie. Thank you!!

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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