Saturday, April 9, 2011

DUCK HOUSE - All ducked out

I guess, my man has been longing to build 'our' house.

Since we were unable to pursue our dream and buy a large hunk of land and build our dream house ourselves, he build a dream of a duck house.

And as it is supposed to be in a real family: Everyone helped ...

In the early stages, Princessa Aurelia helped painting parts of the side and the roof.

She also hammered several nails in.

The man did the manly work: Roberto designed and built that whole thing.
Our duck house opens up on top and has two duckie doors and a window for Big and Lotta. One of the doors opens up to the joint duck and chicken area which is still to be built.

That door is to the side on the right, so you cannot see it from this ankle.

The door you can see here is the 'front door', it is opening to the area where the pond will go.

Since the chickens are not into water, but our ducks are. Using the duck house as a buffer, we thought may be a smart way to ensure that the webbed wet feet get their splashing while the dustbathers stay nice and dry.

Roberto built the doors from fences, created the windows by cutting tiles and the "Spanish Tile"-Roof consists of corrugated plastic, which Roberto hand cut and glued on top of the roof in two overlapping layers.

Yes, he went out of his way.

So, our girlies now truely live in a Spanish mansion!

Well, besides making the pictures, I did the interior design:

Laying saw dust out, arranging food and water and eventually put our girlies into their new home.

Did I say EVERYBODY in the family helped? So, you ask, what did Schoko do?

Well, our pregnant lady had the most important task:

Supervising Roberto while he dug out the hole where the new duckie pond was going to go.

He had a whole lot of digging to do to get the pond postitioned and - the pregnant bitch - Schoko did not rest until it was just PERFETTO.

And all the hard work was worth it: LOOK AT THAT MANSION!! WIth a pool!
It's all ducked out!!

Quak Quak Hooray!

I think it is A M A Z I N G !

Honey, I want to be one of our ducks ... and I guess, Aurelia wants to move in, too.

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis
55 AD - 138 AD


  1. Gotta get a close up of that fabulous Spanish "tiled" roof! And whaddha bout that gorgeous tile flooring?!! That man o yours is really King of the Hill!

  2. Ah, I get it: You want to move in, TOO!!!