Monday, April 4, 2011

Chicken Love Virus

This chick loves chicks. I am talking about my daughter.  Ever since these little peepers hatched Aurelia has been all over them. Or they were all over her. But see for yourselves.

Aurelia with a Black Sumatra chick
 It's true: They are VERY cute. Now, our big question is how to sex them, for we don't want no roos! FOR SURE! While I am toying with the idea of catching that feathered dude every evening and putting him in a crate overnight, so that he (and therefore we) won't be a nuisance to the neighbors, Roberto is SO NOT in love with the idea of another man in the house, especially not one who screams loudly every morning.

Anywho, the chicks are FUN! And Ms. Aurelia is madly in love with these little guys.

Thank goodness, the neigbor kids are already infected with this love chick virus ... And their mom seems to like the idea of having a chicken. Which led me to thinking about giving them a roo, since they are more interested in the playing with the chicken part, while I want the eggs. But Roberto thought that would be even worse than keeping the roo because then THEIR roo would wake US up ...

Well, after one of our regular trips to the Feed Store, I learnt that they are expecting chicks soonest. So, we will keep the roo and let the mom know to go there.

OK, now, we still have no plan as to what to do with our roos (or how to find out which chick is a roo), because I am sure, Aurelia will kill us if we kill one of her babies!

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis


  1. With a chick chick here and a roo roo there, here a chick here a roo, everywhere a chick chick...and so it goes as it goes!

  2. As long as no one goes, "COCKADOODLE DOO", we will be very happy with these guys ;-)