Monday, February 28, 2011


This pregnancy has been over six years in the making. Initially, I wasn't even sure, I want to do it at all. But then my neighbors and even total strangers told me that I simply HAD TO do it. Eventually, I began to like the idea. But then the search for the perfect man started.

Let me tell you, it is hard to find a great guy in Los Angeles. Yeah, what else is new?!

Let's start at the beginning.... Initially, I wanted to adopt. But someone adopted my chosen boy right infront of my nose. Heartbroken, I started looking again. A little later, I received Schoko as a present (a chocolate Labrador). And she soon became my BFF!

People just love this dog and I have often been asked to breed her, so they could have a baby of hers but thinking of the vast amount of unwanted dogs in shelters, I was never really into it.

That all changed, when at the same time my Mom and another close friend of mine lost their BFF's and with Schoko being already over six years of age, I had to start facing the fact that she would be gone at some point as well and BOY, did I not like that. 

To me, she is a one of a kind dog: She is sweet, smart, loving, kind, fun, playful, loyal, easy to train, calm (I for one can't stand yappers or hyper dogs), beautiful, foregiving (most important characteristic if you have kids), good with dogs and people (little & big), with one word: Perfect!

As I said, we searched and searched... even considered stud services. Noone was ever good enough for my BFF. They were either snipped (which is the right thing to do!), not a Lab, not the right Labrador (had to be English), not a chocolate Labrador, not akc, of mixed breed or had other boxes unchecked.

Anyhow, the painful seach is over: We have found perfect boy for perfect girl: He is a English Chocolate Labrador Retriever, like her. We found him through Craigslist late last fall. His mom, Cheryl, was looking for a girl to breed her pretty boy to. She, too, is looking for a replacement of her perfect-dog. So it's not just me who wants to keep her doggie!

I am proudly announcing that Ms Schoko vom Taunus has started her heat on February 24, 2011 and if everything goes to plan, she will be pregnant and have puppies on or around April 28, 2011, my late Dad's birthday (ein Baby fuer Dich, Papa!).

Needless to say: We are very, very excited!!!

And here is Schoko with her MAN!

So, stay tuned and keep following the pregnant bitch...

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis
55 AD - 138 AD

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