Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of two Ducklings and their three Mamas

What can I say? It's instinctual ... With three females in the house, the race to become the designated Duckie-Mama is definetely on: Aurelia declares constantly that she is the Duckie-Mama. Yesterday a bunch of neighbor's kids visited and she made it very clear to them.

Of course, I am the main care provider and am already concerned how upsat my little girl will be once our little peepers start waddling behind me.

But maybe the true Duckie-Mama is someone completely different... For the past week, I have been observing my six year old female Labrador sitting constantly infront of the brooder. She is almost more mesmerized by our peeping babies than Aurelia or me. I have to literally pull my old girl away from these fluff-balls, but see for yourselves:

While, one may argue, that Schoko wants to fetch and retrieve them (which Labs were bred to do), I believe, she really desperately wants to be a Mama.

I first observed this maternal instinct of hers, when I brought my baby Aurelia home over three years ago. Schoko was and is the best nanny for Aurelia. Always patient, playful and loving. Maybe sometimes a  tad too loving... "Don't slobber me!" Aurelia to Schoko. In all these three years not one mean word or a snap and believe me, Schoko took quite some beatings from Ms Aurelia!

But back to the Schokstress: Yes, we want Schoko to be a bio-mom. We have been wanting to breed that pretty girl forever. That's why I never fixed her. But typical Mama-me: Noone is ever good enough for my pure bred chocolate Lab beauty. Gosh, how will I be when Aurelia becomes a teen?!

Except, we found a pretty Lab-boy recently. His name is Junior and he and his Mama Cheryl live close by. Cheryl already agreed to our little set-up (she wants the male pick of the litter) and so we are waiting for Schoko's next heat ... I feel like an IVF tech. Weired. Anywho.

Now that she is over six years of age and per NPR dogs as of age seven are to be considered senior, I hope it is not too late to have a baby of Schoko's.

So, I am closing for today with the words of one of my former coworkers at the Hamburg Sea Devils, "Schoko, I want your baby!"

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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