Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New hat and new 'hood

Since we are 'the new kids in' the neighborhood, we are still exploring everything. We feel very 'Dora the explorer' about it. Typically I pack a bag (not a backpack, though) with all sorts of stuff (usually sunscream, food, water and books) in it and we have picnic wherever we end up.


Recently, we hiked and discovered that there is a playground on (almost) top of the mountain, right at the beginning of the (real) hike trail. It's so beautiful.

While Schoko was dieing to go chasing rabbits (which of course we didn't let her), we had picnic.

When we got home, Aurelia decided she needed a new hat. It better be pink, it's for girls, duh. So, we went through all the yarns and found a few balls that we combined to create a new effect. Et voila.

You can get one for yourself, here ...  http://www.etsy.com/shop/countrygirl71

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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