Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tutorial - Be my Valentine - sew

National Hallmark's Day is approaching rapidly and EVERYWHERE in my tidy neighborhood I see Valentine's decoration. Except of course on our house. Didn't take my three year old long to point that out to me. With boxes of yarn and fabric in my closet, I didn't feel like spending money.

So, I decided to make some easy breezy hearts to hang at our front door and this a tutorial.

Here we go....


* 1/4 yard of fabric (I initially intended to make a dress for Aurelia out of this but ... well, I can still make a skirt...)
* Pillow filling material
* Ribbon
* Thread (not threat!!!)

First, cut the hearts out. I made two and to do that I folded the fabric in on both sides. This should now be four layers of fabric.

Then cut out the hearts on the sides.

Next, start sowing one heart with the two heart shaped pieces of fabric.

Now, insert the ribbon. Continue sowing but leave an opening so you can insert filling material.

Then, fill your heart .... with pillow filling and sow the last piece.


"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis