Saturday, October 8, 2011

September 2011 Harvest Tally

This marks the eighth month of our homesteading adventure and sadly, the summer is officially over.

Cold Fall has arrived
The temperatures have dropped noticeably and we are already bringing out our fall clothes again, which in Aurelia's case means we have to buy new ones or I have to see what I can sow up. She loves dresses and dresses only. A skirt and shirt combo won't do. I have found already a cute pattern and now have to see what my comprehensive fabric collection has to offer. 

Seeding Winter Crops
As for the garden, I am already seeding to seed for the fall and winter harvest: salads, cabbages (yesss, I will try again these pest-ridden brussels and red cabbages as well as kohlrabi), beets, carrots and other cold weather crops. 

September 2011 was not such a great month for us, though. Here is the harvest overview:

8 lbs Tomatoes
39 lbs Zucchini
3 lbs Eggplant

A total of 50 lbs of produce and 58 duck eggs. 

Duck Eggs in Baked Goods
Since it was Roberto's birthday, I got to use some of our duck eggs for his birthday-cake: German Chocolate Cake. I had made it before with regular store-bought chicken eggs and was told that this cake noticeably tasted better. When asked, what I had done differently, I initially responded, "Nothing!" It was only later that I realized: Yes, the duck eggs. If you have never used or tasted duck eggs in baked goods, it is about time that you give this a try: The duck eggs make baked goods extra fluffy and yummy. You already notice it when mixing the batter: These eggs are so much richer. 

Green Tomatoes
We still have a bunch of green tomatoes on the vines, which I am sure wont all come to red maturity, so I am already searching for green tomato recipes. You know any? Send them my way! THX!

What typically is done with green tomatoes: You pick them and store them on the window sill. They will turn red but will not taste as good as those vine ripened ones. They are more comparable to those immaturely picked store bought tomatoes, that we are trying to avoid. 

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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