Sunday, October 2, 2011

ETROG - Buddhahand Lemon

If you have never seen these fruits, they are quite something: A lemon that has several 'fingers'.

A bit over two years ago, when Roberto and I were looking at a 13 acre farm, when we saw an etrog tree. Ungrafted. Needless to say, that I took a few cuttings. Unfortunately only one sprouted.

Etrog - per Jewish law - is only to be considered kosher if indeed it was grown from seed or taken from a cutting from an ungrafted tree.

The laws are very particular about the fact that you cannot use fruit from a grafted tree for Soccot (The Fest of the Tabernacles).

Now, our etrog has been sitting in a container for quite a while and grown into somewhat of a bush. I am planning to transplant this baby into its final destination in the frontyard next spring (May or June), which is supposedly the best time to transplant citrus.

Then after the final transplant, for the next 3 years, no fruit can be harvested from the tree for it to be considered kosher. In case you keep re-potting your etrog, the 3 year wait starts after each transplanting new.

Some people claim you have to have a rabbi bless your tree while other growers claim it is not neccessary for the tree to be kosher. I decided, it cannot harm and am going to look for someone to bless my citrus-baby next spring.

We are very excited about our etrog tree since they are truely a showstopper or as some growers call them 'a collectible tree'.

BTW: Happy New Year!!!

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"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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