Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our first duck eggs
Last night, when I came home from Graduation of Sustainable Living Class, Roberto told me, "I have a surprise for you!" Then he asked me to sit at the dining room table and close my eyes. When I opened tmy eyes, there were three beautiful creamy coloured eggs infront of me. And they were from our ducks! OMG!

It had finally happened! Lotta and Big have started to lay eggs and we had officially graduated to the next level of homesteadying! Whow! Two graduations in one day for me!

So, every morning now, after letting the girls out, we will be going on an egg hunt. The thing with ducks and their eggs is that they will not lay them in a nest like chickens. They will lay them wherever they are, which is why you probably want to leave them in their house until after 8 am - 9am for sure the eggs are there and you don't have to hunt around the yard to find them.

Guess, what is for breakfast?!
Already when opening the eggs, you start realising the issues with commercial egg production.

BTW: Isn't this already a contradiction: egg and production, like they can assemble them on some line?! Not in a hundred years will man be able to create something as perfect as an egg!

Anyway, back to the eggs:

The first thing, you will notice is that the shell is HARD (no calcium deficiency in our birds!)! You almost need a knife to open it! Then the yolk is an amazing colour! And then there is that taste... you won't believe your taste buds. And they probably will ask, "Where were you all my life?"

Roberto mentioned how the nutritional value must be extremely high since we both felt filled up after sharing only three duck eggs for breakfast. In a commercial production, where the layers are stressed and forced to lay (even if it's organic and cage free), the nutritional value is often dramatically reduced due to the overall situation of the birds.

Well, that's it! We are spoiled forever now because the ladies will just keep it coming!

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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  1. Just so u know when I visit, like 'em lightly basted w/light rye toast and REAL (since I'm eatin' real eggs) butter.
    So when do the chickens start laying?