Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aphids eating my Brussel Sprouts? I don't think so!

Oh no! I was inspecting my brussels sprouts today, wondering when they would start shooting out the brussels, when I saw this:

Almost all of my about 20 plants must have been infested by these pests!

Aphids eating my brussel sprouts? I don't think so!

While I did not want to bring out the big guns (insecticides and such), I was also not willing to watch these monsters munch away. I thought about ladybugs briefly but then decided that I need those mid- to longterm while a faster remedy was needed right here right now.

Here is what I did:

In a plastic bowl, I poured some baby oil, added dish soap and luke warm water. Then I sponged each single leaf inside and out with this concoction. This mixture ensures that the aphids cannot hold on to the leaf anymore and most probably it will also suffocates them. I especially made sure to drizzle a few drops into the centre of each plant where the youngest and most vulnerable leaves are located because these are most yummy for aphids and that is also where I want the plant to start shooting out the brussels some time soon.

Then I watered the brussels to wash away / dilute the concoction.

And here is my aphids graveyard. And NO, I don't regret a single killing.

And now, I am buying ladybugs!

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis
55 AD - 138 AD

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