Sunday, March 20, 2011


With Easter being around the corner, I was thinking of some crafty decoration, using the things I have.

And I have loads of yarn and a bunch of plastic filler eggs in various colors. Hmm...

Well, here is what I came up with: I Christo-style crochet-covered a few of these eggs.

And here is how I did it:

Row 1: Cast on 8 and close to a ring.

Row 2: Cast 3, double-crochet one. *Cast 3, double-crochet 2*. Repeat from * to *. So, you are double-crocheting 2 into each cast from the previous row.

Next, cast 3. * Onto the 3 casts from the previous row, single-crochet one, one and a half crochet one, double crochet one, cast 2, double crochet one, one and a half crochet one, crochet one*. Repeat from * to *.

Then, Cast 7 and single-crochet one on the 2 casts from the previous row. Repeat.

Cast 1, * onto the 7 casts from previous row: single-crochet 3, cast 2 and single-crochet 3*. Repeat from * to *. It starts getting narrower now.

Cast 3, double-crochet one, *onto the 2 casts from the previous row: double-crochet 2, cast 3*. Repeat from * to *.

Cast 1. *On the 3 casts from previous row, single-crochet 2, cast 4, single crochet 2*. Repeat from * to *.

Now put the egg in and start crocheting around it.

* Cast 3, double-crochet one onto the single-crochets from the previous row*. Repeat from * to *.

Cast 1. *Onto the double-crochets from the previous row, single-crochet. 

* Close by single-crocheting every other of the single-crochets from previous row.

The egg is now fully packed up.

To hang them, cast 30, close ring.

Cast off. Start decorating.

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis  
55 AD - 138 AD

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