Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 2012 - Harvest Tally

It is spring and nature truely has returned and with it all animals are in love. On most days, our girlies now get visited by a ferrel mallard duck boy, who swims in our pond and eats our food. We assume he is feeding his broody girl. It is said that waterfowl and in particular ducks breed for life. Isn't that soo cute?!

And all sorts of other feathered friends have decided that our garden is a fun place to hang out in and we love watching them. 

While I believe they are coming because we created this habitat for them (where debris is allowed to compost with lots of straw to sneak for nest building, not to mention all that free food), Roberto believes that they come because the goddess of nature has arrived. 

Yes, a few weeks ago, our little girlie, Demetra, was born at our home, scoring a 10 on the APGAR with no interventions and no tears for mom. Thanks to Jeanne and Nerissa with Whole Hearts Midwifery, who were wonderful during the whole process! Needless to say, that all eyes are on her these day and not much gets done. BTW: Demetra is an ancient Greek name of the goddess of agriculture, crops and motherly love. While the name is not much known in the US, it is not an uncommon name in Europe.

As for the garden: Slow beginning of the year but it is sprouting everywhere and small little seedlings have been transplanted already. Our peach trees and the blueberry bushes already are full with fruit. Ahh, cannot wait...!
Anywho, here is the harvest tally for March 2012:

1 lbs of carrots
5 lbs of chard
3 lbs of spinach

A total 9 lbs of produce and 59 duck and 61 chicken eggs. 

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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