Monday, January 9, 2012


Sorry, bad light...
My friend Allin gave me this black silk cardigan. She said she did not wear cardigans and I also found a tiny hole in one of the arms very close to the seam.


The additional material I used was about 1/2 yard of some silk fabric in a light rose tone.

Since the original cardigan was a size M, I figured I had to adjust it a little bit, since I am normally a size S.

I also wasn't sure about the length, which was somewhere between waist and hips and since it was a straight cut, this piece would make ANY body look boxy.

So, first I cut the piece off right above my waistline, allowing it to be a little more flattering.

While I was cutting, I also opened the side seams and took the sleeves out.

As I mentioned, there was a tiny hole on one of the sleeves, so I shortened the sleeves. TATAA!

Next, I grabbed an old pattern that fit me to see which measurements I was going to end up with.

 And I adjusted the bodice accordingly.
 As well as the sleeves. It was not much to be chopped off, though.
Then I decided to give the bottom edges a more rounded look.
 Now, off to the ruffles....

I used about 1/2 yard of something silkie and cut it in two strips of about 6 inches width.

Then I sewed them together as if they were a tube and I closed the ends.

 Then I folded the strips and with a stitch of about 4, I sewed in the middle with a kind of baste stitch. Leave the thread long.

After that you can simply pull on one of the threads and it gathers up nicely.
 Then I decided to finish the cardigan up. I sewed the adjusted pieces back together and hemmed the edged bottom.
Finally, I added the ruffle strips. Here you can see them pinned on the mannequin. Obviously, some pressing is needed.

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis


  1. U never cease to amaze me! Dunno how u do it all! That Roberto is a lucky guy!

  2. Thanks.... good thing he knows it ;-)