Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monster Savoy Cabbage

Admittently, we are a tad late for harvesting cabbages but our heads weren't yet the size that we thought of as a head worth chopping. But now it is time for them to be eaten.

Here is our very first harvested savoy cabbage. Savoys (Wirsing) are a kind of cabbage that is rather hard to find in the US and personally I had my seeds brought from my friend Andrea from Germany. THANKS AGAIN!!

They are my favourite cabbage. They are wonderful as a side dish with a apple-roasted pork and mashed potatoes. Guess what is for dinner?!

I had searched for seeds everywhere (in the US) but could not find them. Roberto didn't even know what I was talking about when mentioning these favs of mine. Yes, only a German would have a favourite amongst cabbages. And if you would see my huge cabbage beds (note: plural!) there would be no doubt about where I come from.

To my delight, after I had sauteed the chopped leaves, Roberto loved the savoys as well; there is some German in my man.

Natural Parenting Excursison:
Aurelia currently is in her 'just-the-meat-please'-phase which followed her 'I-looove-brokkoli'-phase, so she fed the cabbage to her 'Babo'.

The famous and amazing Swiss pediatrician Remo H. Largo wrote about an experiment that was done on children in an orphanage. These kids were allowed to eat anything at any point in time that they wanted. These children were given access to all kinds of food; obviously only healthy choices, no candy, chips and such!

After years of this, their overall health, vitamin and mineral levels were checked: Perfectly healthy. Testiment to the fact that children are in tune with their body's needs and will instinctively chose what is right for them. It was also observed that children go through phases with the kinds of food that they eat and then concluded that parents should never use force since this may only lead to eating disorders.

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis


  1. These look like teenage mutant ninja cabbages!
    On the food - yes, yes, yes!!! My mom used 2 push meat on me saying, "I payed good $$ for this from the butcher. U'r going 2 sit here until it's eaten."
    All the starving children in the world speech along w/this diatribe. Her only concession - cooking it 2 a crisp 4 me. She'd put it on my plate as she said, "Here's ur shoe leather. I found out as an adult I'm blood type A - NO MEAT! Aurelia and her mom r brilliant! Bobbo ain't 2 shabby either!!!

  2. I let her eat whatever she wants as long as it's not candy or processed crap, which we do not have in our pantry anyways ;-)