Monday, May 7, 2012

The Moby Wrap - Tutorial

I am into Attachment or Natural Parenting, so baby wearing is a must.
Ms. D sound asleep in her new wrap

Today, I am going to make a moby wrap. These are these cotton wraps that always make me think of India. Ahhh, India! Now, I am thinking curries and get hungry.

OK, back to the wrap: Target sells them for $39.99  Moby Wrap at Target

Amazon sells it for $44.95.   Moby Wrap at

And elsewhere they charge you up to $60 for it, while it is plain simple cotton jersey in these dimensions: 197 x 24 x 0.8 inches.

I decided to make my own in a better material: that is hemp because it blocks the sun out better than anything else, which is crucial, considering you cannot put sunscreen on little ones before the age of 6 months. More on that in a later post about my all natural sunscreen.

Anywho, Moby Wrap:

So, you need 197 x 24 inches of a cotton jersey fabric.
I ordered mine here   Hemp with free shipping for orders over $35. I ordered it at $5.49 per yard and ordered simply an extra yard to get free shipping; gonna make a few onesies out of it. Halleluja.

You need about 5.5 yards.

Now, how to do it?
Nothing easier than that: You cut it in half lengthwise and TADAA!!! you are done.

Yes, you get two wraps out of it for about $35 and you can gift the second one. So, my wrap cost me really less than $18 with better material.

And EVEN better: when you outgrow the baby-phase, you still have 5.5 yards of fabric that you can create something out of.

Since it is a knit it won't fray. If you are concerned about it, though, you can serge around or use fray-check (I would not since it is for baby) but it is not necessary.

Now, how to wrap that Moby Wrap? Check out the link :-) or this one.. It takes some practise but it is really easy. Enjoy your baby!

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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