Tuesday, March 6, 2012

JANUARY 2012 - Harvest Tally

"I'm late, i'm late... !" yes, I feel very white rabbit-ish these days. 


Sorry for being over a month late with publishing this but the unusual weather this year (no cold front, no rain) along with my progressing pregnancy with its preparations (soo excited!) kept me from posting. 

Happy Birthday Homestead! This marks our first year being homesteaders and what a year it was: WIth ups and downs in weather and many new things learnt, sometimes the lessons were beautiful and fun and on other occasions they were hard and sad.

We are looking forward to starting a hive again; the ladies are supposed to arrive in May. This BTW is my Christmas present from my wonderful man and I am soo excited. ALthough, I am worried that receiving them in May may be a bit late for them with most of my fruit tree blossoms already in fruiting mode but we shall see.
I did prune almost all my fruit trees in January  at least a little bit since my trees are all still babies. But I took dead and damaged branches out and that was basically all I could do for this year's pruning. 

It wasn't a lot of harvesting due to the weather but we were able to get a few meals out of the garden. My birdies were still molting and so also our egg output was a little low. 

Here is the harvest tally for January 2012, the first month of a new year:

1 lb of carrots
1/2 lbs of beets
1 lbs of Chard

A total 3.5 lbs of produce and 21 duck and 25 chicken eggs. 

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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