Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I like wreaths at front doors. They are such nice welcome greetings, I find. And who is to say, you can only have them for Christmas?

Well, here is my summer version - made from stuff I found around the Suburban Homestead (remember: no new purchases allowed):

Since I had to make do without buying anything new, I started a treasure hunt through garage and hobby room.

Here is what I found around the Suburban Homestead that I deemed suitable for making a spring/summer wreath:

    • a piece of fence, about ten inches 
    • several pieces of fabric, of different sizes and patterns
  • about five cable binders
  • two satin ribbon spools; one in pale-pink and the other in an apricot shade

And here is how I did it:

First, I rolled the fence into a tube.

We still had this leftover of a plastic fence from our apartment living days, when we had used it to child-proof our balcony.

To fixate the tube, I used the cable binders to hold this together. As you can see, I pushed the cable binder through the holes in the fenec and that was about it.

Next, I pushed one end of this fence-tube into the other, making it somewhat of a circle.

This way it was kinda fixated.

One probably can use an additional cable binder but I found it held it together just fine.

Then, I wrapped the fence-wreath with the ladybug fabric. I had originally purchased it to make a tablecloth for our oversized dining room table. Since no tablecloth you can buy will fit this awesome table, I have to get creative with tablecloth. This leftover piece was still over one yard of fabric. It is designed by Debbie Mumm for JoAnn and I had gotten it for 60% off. SCORE!

I used some red yarn to hold everyhting in place, as you can see in the picture.
Done! That is the basis. Now it is decorating al gusto.

Since my wreath is to be themed spring / summer, I wanted to put fabric flowers on it.

I used one of the fabric remnants, which were about five inches and folded them in half.

Then I rolled them up from one end to the other, holding it at the cut ends and thus creating a flower.

Then I tied them onto the wreath.
Finally, I wrapped the apricot tone satin ribbon around the wreath and hung it up.

VOILA! Spring / Summer Wreath a la Suburban Homestead (sorry, my SchleppTop wont make accents - uncultural thingie).

OK, I didn't use all my leftovers, ... Hmm, let's see, what else can I make...

"Nature never says one thing and wisdom another." Decimus Junius Juvenalis